Getting Here

Below you will find some information on getting to / from Derawan island. There are a few different routes depending where you are coming from so, if you are not sure of the best way to reach us, please email us for more info and we will be happy to help!

Travel Route From Sabah

We recommend our customers travelling from Kota Kinabalu or Tawau to take flight to Tarakan via Tawau followed by our transfer boat from Tarakan to Derawan (takes approx. 3-3.5 hours). (as this would be the most direct route if you are coming from Scuba Junkie Sipadan or Scuba Junkie Kota Kinabalu)

Tarakan to Derawan on our SJ transfer boat

Our transfer boat departs Tarakan once a week on Mondays around 12.30pm. From Tarakan airport a taxi will take you to the harbor where you will board our boat over to Derawan island - keep your eyes on the sea for common sightings of pilot whales and dolphins! You will arrive in Derawan & be checked into your breezy sea bungalow by late afternoon ready for diving the next day.
The same boat leaves Derawan early morning (5:30am) on Monday and will have you back in Tarakan in time for a late morning flight (after 11am), it is possible to reach our Mabul Beach Resort same day you leave Derawan, please just email us for combo package discounts!

Arriving or Departing Tarakan on a day other than Monday

If you're arriving by plane or ferry into Tarakan then you can fly from Tarakan airport (TRK) to Berau (BEJ - also known as Tanjung Redeb). The flight is operated on most days of the week by Kalstar . The flight is KD-904 and departs Tarakan at 15:00, landing in Berau at 15:25, and usually costs around Rp 425,000 per way.

From Berau airport we can arrange the taxi and boat to get you to Derawan island:
  • A taxi from Berau airport to Tanjung Batu port takes 2.5-3 hours and costs Rp 500,000 per car, max 3 people per car.
  • A boat from Tanjung Batu port to Derawan island takes 30 minutes and costs Rp 300,000 per boat,max 3 people per boat.
Both would be paid directly to the driver / captain in Rupiah cash.

If you need to depart Tarakan by plane or ferry then you can take transport on any day using this route and check out from the resort after diving:

Derawan island to Tanjug Batu port > Taxi from Tj Batu port to Tanjug Selor (overnight in Tj Selor) > Boat from Tj Selor to Tarakan port > Taxi to the airport

Here's how the schedule and pricing would look for this:

Approx 5:30pm - Depart SJ resort after diving, 30 minutes by boat to Tj Batu: Rp 300,000 per boat, max 3 people
Taxi from Tj Batu to Tj Selor (takes up to 5 hours): Rp 1,000,000, max 4 people per car
Overnight in Tj Selor - we can provide a list of hotels for you to check out
8am - Take a boat from Tj Selor to Tarakan port: Rp 120,000 per person (takes around 1h20 mins)
Taxi from Tarakan port to the airport (approx 10 minutes): Rp 65-100,000, max 4 people per car

Tarakan can be reached from a number of different places in South East Asia, if you are not sure of the best route please email us for help. The 2 most direct routes are:

Kota Kinabalu (BKI) to Tarakan (TRK)

Guests could purchase their air ticket for domestic BKI/TRK/BKI by on-line web purchase at (Duration 2H 10M)

Flight Detail

Currently the above flights fly on Mondays, Thursday, Saturday, BKI/TRK by Maswings MH 3141 departing at 08:50 and arriving at 11:10 ( 20kg baggage allowance) / ATR 72-500 seater

Tawau(TWU) to Tarakan(TRK)

Guests could purchase their air ticket for domestic TWU/TRK/TWU by on-line web purchase at (Duration 40mins)

Flight Detail

Currently the above flight fly on Mondays, Thursday, Saturday, TWU/TRK by Maswings MH 3141 departing at 10:30 and arriving at 11:10 ( 20kg baggage allowance) / ATR 72-500 seater

Kuala Lumpur (KUL) To Tarakan (TRK)

Most guests visiting from Kuala Lumpur would fly to Kota Kinabalu with either Air Asia or Malaysian Airlines. Spend one night in Kota Kinabalu and then the next morning fly with Mas Wings to Tarakan (see Kota Kinabalu to Tarakan section above)

The other option is to fly Kuala Lumpur to Jakarta spend one night in Jakarta and then take the early flight to Tarakan. (see below for more details)

Jakarta (CGK) to Tarakan (TRK)

There are daily direct flights between Jakarta and Tarakan with Lion Air & Garuda

The flight departs Jakarta at 0500 and arrives in Tarakan at 0850. Flights can be booked via Travelok, Nusa Trip or Lion Air direct

Singapore (SIN) To Tarakan (TRK)

You can fly with several airlines from Singapore to Kota Kinabalu. You will need to spend one night here and then get the MAS wings flight to Tarakan (as per above) the following morning.

Getting to Derawan via Berau

If you would like to arrive or depart on a day where we are not running a transfer boat from Tarakan or if Tarakan is not easily accessible from where you are then the best option is to fly to Balikpapan and then to Berau.

Route from Singapore/Kula Lumpur/Jakarta/Bali via Balikpapan

Singapore airlines flies 3 times a week from Singapore to Balikpapan.
There are daily flights from Jakarta to Balikpapan with Garuda
There are also daily flights from Bali to Balikpapan with Lion Air

Balikpapan (BPN) to Berau (BEJ)

Guests could purchase their air ticket for Indonesian domestic flight BPN/BEJ/BPN by on-line web purchase at Garuda Airlines

Flight Detail

Based on current flight information :
BPN/BEJ by Garuda Airlines GA 696 departing at 13:15 and arriving at 14:10 (20kg baggage allowance)
Or with Lion Air who have 4 flights daily.

Please note that some Indonesian airlines don't allow bookings with Credit Cards from over seas! The easiest way to overcome this is to use an online travel agent such as: Ticket 2, Ticket Indonesia, Nusa trip

On Arrival To Berau

We can help book you a taxi to take you from Berau to Tanjung Batu (2-3 hours) and then a speed boat to our Derawan accommodation (30 mins) - prices for this can vary, please email us for current rates.

Getting to Derawan on a shoestring

If time is not an issue and you are looking for the cheapest way to get to Derawan (or you don't want to fly) then the below option may be for you! To get the cheapest prices you will need to bargain, the prices indicated were correct at the time of writing (Oct 2016) but can vary depending on season, demand and what the drivers think they can get away with! You may need to wait around for shared taxis & boats to fill up so allow plenty of time for the journey.

From Tawau (Sabah, Malaysia) you can catch a boat to Tarakan (Kalimantan, Indonesia) on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at 11am (approximately), the journey takes around 3 hours and costs RM130. Please note you should arrive at the port between 0900-0930 in order to get a ticket.

Once you reach Tarakan port you will then need to take another boat to Tanjung Selor, these depart roughly hourly and cost IDR120k per person.

From Tanjung Selor you will need to bargain for a shared taxi / van to Tanjung Batu, the journey takes around 5 hours and costs about IDR600K which can be split between 3 to 4 people.

Most likely you will reach Tanjung Batu in the evening and will need to stay overnight here before catching the boat to Derawan next morning (the last boat leaves at 18.00). Small boats that fit up to 3 people can be hired for IDR300K and take around 30min to reach Derawan where our team will be waiting to welcome you - just remember to let us know you're coming!

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