Whale Shark Point

Snorkel with the awe inspiring Whale Shark!

Whale Shark Point is the best place in the area in which to Snorkel with the awe inspiring Whale Shark! These gigantic gentle sharks come to Whale Shark Point to feed on anchovies. If you are lucky you may get to snorkel with these amazing animals-sometimes our guests have seen 5 of these giants at one time!

Whale Shark Point is approximately 20 minutes speed boat drive from our resort in Derawan Island. The Whale Sharks are most often seen feeding between 6-8am in the mornings. We offer our guests the chance to get up early for some whale shark spotting before the days diving begins. We aim to leave the dive center at 6am and spend an hour waiting for the whale sharks to come and feed. Just before 0730 we will return to the dive center so you can have a quick coffee and light breakfast before the day of diving begins. If you get lucky (and a lot of our guests do) then it's definitely worth the early wake up. Please note its not 100% guaranteed that you will see the Whale Sharks during this trip.

Scuba Junkie is an Eco Dive Centre and we have a very strict NO TOUCHING policy on all marine life while diving or snorkeling with us. We ask ALL our guests who take part on this tour to respect the whale sharks and also their space and NOT to touch them. Any guest that does touch the whale sharks will be not allowed back into the water during the tour. There are not many places left in the world in which you can have such an amazing experience with these gentle giants and we want to be able to offer this experience to visitors for generations to come.

As Scuba junkie works closely with the local community to encourage alternative livelihoods, this tour will be run directly by the local community and as a result you will pay the local driver and guide. Scuba Junkie believe its very important to involve the local community in alternative livelihoods as this is the best way the area and its amazing marine life can be protected for generations to come.

(*) Factors out with the company control such as bad weather, permission from park authorities, mechanical issues etc excluded.

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