Getting Here

Scuba Junkie Sangalaki is situated on Derawan Island, which is in the Berau region in East Kalimantan, Borneo, Indonesia.

You can reach us by flying into one of two airports:

  • Berau (BEJ) - Daily flights from various airport within Indonesia, most of them with a connection in Balikpapan. Your flight would need to land by 2pm in Berau if you'd like to reach Derawan on the same day. Transfers are available between Berau airport and our resort on Derawan any day of the week, the journey takes around 3 - 3.5 hours and it costs Rp800,000 for a taxi + boat (cost can be split between up to 3 people).
  • Tarakan (TRK) - Daily flights from Jakarta and three weekly flights from Tawau, Malaysia with MAS Wings (Mondays, Thursdays, Saturdays), your flight would need to land by 11:30am if you'd like to reach Derawan on the same day. We run a weekly transfer boat between Tarakan and our resort on Derawan on Mondays and Saturdays at 12.30pm (Rp900,000 per person per way), if you are wanting to transfer on a day other than a Monday or Saturday then we can help arrange a charter boat or there is an alternative longer route that you can take (see Tawau by ferry route below).

Tell us where you're coming from...

If you're coming in from Scuba Junkie Sipadan then the best route is to transfer to Tawau airport (TWU) and then take the MAS Wings flight to Tarakan.

The flight departs on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays, and on Mondays and Saturdays we have a transfer service between Tarakan and Derawan. If you're diving with SJ Sipadan before your trip to SJ Sangalaki your Sipadan / Mabul package should end on a Friday or Sunday, and then you will need to stay one night in Semporna. Check out more details of the combo trip here.

The MAS Wings flight lands at 11:10 am, from Tarakan airport we will have a driver waiting for you, you'll take a short transfer to Tarakan port where you'll board the transfer boat. Tarakan to Derawan by boat takes 2.5-3 hours, depending on the conditions.

Flight details:

  • Tawau to Tarakan: 10:30 - 11:10 MH 3141
  • Tarakan to Tawau: 11:35 - 12:15 MH 3140
*sometimes these flights change schedule by 30 minutes, we're aware of this and will adjust the pick up time accordingly on the day if this happens.

If you're bringing a group of five people or more and would like to charter a Tarakan transfer on a day other than a Monday or Saturday, please email us for more details.

Tarakan boat transfers are dependent on the weather. All transfers are operated by a third party (not by Scuba Junkie). We cannot accept responsibility for any damage to personal items, injuries or any lost flights in the unlikely event of a cancelled transfer or longer journey time due to circumstances outside of our control, such as bad weather conditions / mechanical issues.

You can also reach Tarakan by ferry from Tawau.
This is for the more adventurous traveler who has more time. It involves a longer journey with several car and boat trips.

From Tawau (Sabah, Malaysia) you can catch a boat to Tarakan (Kalimantan, Indonesia) on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday at 11am (approximately), the journey takes around 3 hours and costs RM130. Please note you should arrive at the port between 0900-0930 in order to get a ticket.

Once you reach Tarakan you need to take the longer route to Derawan via Tanjung Selor which takes most of a day:

  • Tarakan harbour to Tanjung Selor by boat (1h 20 mins): Rp 120,000 per person
  • Tanjung Selor to Tanjung Batu by car / minivan (5-6 hours): Approx Rp 1,000,000 - can be negotiated and shared
  • Tanjung Batu to Derawan by boat (30 mins): Rp 300,000 - Last boat at 6pm / sunset (whichever is earliest)

Due to the long transfer time we advise staying the first night in Tarakan and then starting the next morning so that you can do the journey all in one day. If you go straight from the airport it is likely that you would be stuck in Tanjung Selor or Tanjung Batu, and there is very limited accommodation options in both places.

From Balikpapan airport (BPN) there are daily flights to Berau (BEJ) with three Indonesian airlines:

Departure time Arrival time Airline Luggage allowance In time for our transfer?
8:30 9:40 Wings Air
(IW 1364)
10KG Yes
8:50 9:45 Garuda Air
(GA 467)
20KG Yes
9:10 10:10 Sriwijaya Air
(IN 136)
10KG Yes
11:00 12:20 Wings Air
(IW 1362)
10KG Yes
14:20 15:40 Wings Air
(IW 1366)
10KG Only if on time - (*) see below
14:40 15:30 Sriwijaya Air
(SJ 252)
20KG Only if on time - (*) see below
16:10 17:05 Garuda Air
(GA 463)
20KG No - (**) see below
17:30 18:50 Wings Air
(IW 1360)
10KG No - (**) see below
18:50 19:40 Sriwijaya Air
(SJ 232)
20KG No - (**) see below
  • (*) With these flights we cannot guarantee a direct transfer to Derawan island. If the flight is not delayed at all and you can get out of the airport quickly then you can just make the last boat from Tanjung Batu to Derawan, however if it's delayed then you will need to plan for a contingency night in Berau. If you are delayed en route to Tanjung Batu and you arrive there after dark, then you would need a night in a homestay in Tj Batu. In this case we can arrange an early boat (6:30am) the next day so that you can still make it in time for diving.
  • (**) With these flights you cannot make a direct transfer to Derawan island, you will need to overnight in Berau and transfer to Derawan the next day.

From Bali (DPS) you can fly to Berau (BEJ) with connections in two airport along the way, Balikpapan and either Makassar or Surabaya. This route is operated by Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air. You can purchase the journey as one ticket, you just need to change planes.

If coming from Scuba Junkie Komodo or Scuba Junkie Penida then plan on one night in Bali before your flight to allow you to take an early flight from Bali.

From Jakarta you can fly in to Berau (BEJ) with a connection in Balikpapan with Garuda Indonesia, Lion / Wings air or SwiWijaya Air (see above Balikpapan options).

From Jakarta you can fly in to Tarakan (TRK) and take our Monday or Saturday transfer boat service from Tarakan to Derawan. With any of the following direct flights you will be in time for the transfer boat:

  • Garuda Indonesia (20kg luggage allowance) : 04:50 - 08:40
  • Lion Air (10kg luggage allowance) : 05:00 - 08:50
  • Batik Air (20kg luggage allowance) : 02:45 - 06:20

With all of these flights the meeting time for our driver is 12 noon (midday) outside the international arrivals door at Tarakan airport.

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