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Diving with Scuba Junkie!

Most divers (and non divers alike) come for the world famous Sangalaki Island. This island is one of the few islands in the world where you can dive and snorkel with Manta Rays throughout most of the year. The best time to see the Manta's, in larger numbers, is from October to June. This island is a paradise for divers who want to experience diving with these majestic animals.

The other islands around Sangalaki are also just as amazing! Kakaban Island offers vertical wall diving with strong currents and divers can frequently encounter Hammerhead Sharks, Grey Reef Sharks, Leopard Sharks, White Tip Reef Sharks and 1000s of schooling Barracuda and Jack Fish. During the surface interval we will take you to the jellyfish lake inside the island and you can snorkel with the 1000s of stingless jelly fish. There are very few of these lakes in the world!

Maratua Island offers a variety of wall dives full of pristine coral, amazing visibility and big pelagics in the blue. Don't be surprised if you see Leopard Sharks, Hammerheads, Thresher Sharks, Grey Reefs, Eagle Rays, Devil Rays and Giant Stingray to name but a few...

Derawan Island should really be called Turtle Island as there are literally 1000s of Turtles! You don't even need to dive to see them (you can actually see them from your bungalow balcony!) Apart from the many Turtle encounters you will also see some amazing Macro such as stone fish, seahorses, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Blue Ringed Octopus frogish etc as well as some schooling Jack Fish and some enormous giant Clams.

Diving Schedule

Our state of the art speed boat departs daily at 8am from our dive center in Derawan Island, and so after you'll be suiting up and performing buddy checks for the first dive of the day. All our dives are guided by experienced dive professionals (PADI) who will ensure that your dive is safe, fun, and that you will see as many of the exciting marine species in the area as possible. Two morning dives are followed by a relaxing lunch on one of the Islands, while enjoying the tropical paradise. The third and final dive of the day takes place after everyone has had enough time to digest lunch, usually around 2pm. After the third dive our speedboats safely shuttle you back to Derawan Island, while you enjoy the views of the Islands while discussing the marvels that you have just seen with your dive guide and dive buddies. Once back at Derawan enjoy doing your log books with your guide in our second story chill-out area while watching the sun set and see how many turtles you can spot without getting wet. It's the perfect end to a great day of diving! :)

Our Dive Equipment

All our dive equipment is brand new and maintained by our qualified equipment service technicians. We offer 3mm long wetsuits and open heel fins with booties for your comfort, and we have Suunto Zoop dive computers for rent.
If you have a DIN regulator please bring your own DIN adaptor or let us know in advance if you need to borrow one.

Our Dive Boats

Scuba Junkie's speed boats are top of the range glass fiber speed boats - Manta boat has a front cabin, and there's also Pygmy boat (pictured). Both have twin engines (for speed and safety) and large enough to make sure all guests are comfortable during the dive trip.
Our dive boats can take up to 12 guests and 3 staff, which guarantees small groups of divers and snorkelers for your safety and enjoyment.
Scuba Junkie prides itself on safety and security, which is why every member of the SJ Team is fully trained in Primary and Secondary first aid, including CPR and using O2 kits! All of our dive fleet are fully equipped with the latest in safety equipment.

All of our boats are fully licensed, insured and maintained to the highest standard.

Night Dives

For a completely different diving experience, why not come and join us for a night dive in Derawan Island!

Night dives are an altogether more intimate experience with the local marine life, as you get to see them hunting and sleeping! All manners of critters such as moray eels, shrimps, cuttlefish and octopus come out to play when the sun sets and we will guide you along for a fascinating dive!

For night dives we meet at the dive center at 18:00 for dive briefing and get kitted up and start the night dive at 18:30. You can book your night dive when you arrive in Derawan. We require a min of 2 people in order to do a night dive.

(*) Factors out with the company control such as bad weather, permission from park authorities, mechanical issues etc excluded.

Scuba Junkie Sangalaki Price List

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