Derawan Island

Home to the Scuba Junkie dive center!

Derawan Island is the island that Scuba Junkie has its Water Bungalows and Dive Center on. It's a small island with a local village and "street" in which you can meet the friendly locals and have a local meal in one of the many restaurants.

This island should really be called "Turtle Island" as there are literally 1000s of Turtles! You don't even need to dive to see them (you can actually see them from your bungalow balcony!) Plus they come on to the beach almost every night to lay eggs.

Apart from the many Turtle encounters you will also see some amazing Macro while diving here such as stone fish, Ghost Pipefish, Nudibranchs, Flying Gurnards, Dragonets as well as bigger fish such as Trevally, Snapper, and Grouper!

Usually your first day of diving will be around this island, its also the place where we do all our night dives

After the days diving relax in our 360 degrees viewing platform or hang out on your balcony and be amazed at the number of turtles you will see without getting wet!!!

Whether you want to dive with lots of turtles or spend your time looking for rare critters you will want to dive Derawan over and over again!

(*) Factors out with the company control such as bad weather, permission from park authorities, mechanical issues etc excluded.

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