Maratua Island

Vertical Walls, Pristine Coral, Crazy Currents and lots of BIG fish!

Maratua offers vertical walls dives with pristine coral, strong currents and lots of BIG pelagics. Don't be surprised to see grey reef sharks, leopard sharks and white tip reef sharks. For the lucky divers you may also encounter Hammerheads, Whale Sharks and even Thresher sharks! Rays are also common here especial Eagle Rays, Devil Rays and Giant Stingrays. Schooling barracuda, snapper, dogtooth tuna, Spanish mackerel, jack fish, and surgeonfish are also common species you can encounter.

This is also the best place in the area to dive with Bump Head Parrot Fish and Napoleon Wrasse. Of course you will also see more than just a few Turtles on dive sites such as Turtle Traffic! There is also a school of barracudas here too, they move around between the dive sites but we see them often!

Mid Reef is the best place to dive with Thresher Sharks and you can also see Nurse Sharks, Eagle Rays Giant Sting Rays and big schools of Jack Fish.

As this island is almost 70KM from the mainland the visibility is usually incredible and its common for it to be in the 40-60m range!

To guarantee* going to Maratua Island you will need to sign up for a minimum 5 day dive package. Find out about our great dive packages

(*) Factors out with the company control such as bad weather, permission from park authorities, mechanical issues etc excluded.

Sangalaki - Kakaban - Maratua

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