Sangalaki Island

The Manta Ray Highway!

There are not many dive locations in the world that can boast to see Manta Rays in such massive numbers as we do here in Sangalaki, throughout most of the year. The best time to see the Mantas, in larger numbers, is from October to June. This island is a paradise for divers who want to experience diving with these majestic animals.

These gentle giants of the sea are amazing to dive/ snorkel with and they seem to really like to interact with humans. Manta Point and the Cleaning Station are must do dive sites if you visit the area!

The dive sites around Sangalaki are one of the richest diving grounds in Indonesia (which says a lot about how good the diving is here!) In fact, there is over 500 varieties of soft and hard coral in the reefs surrounding the island (the entire Caribbean has only 67). This island also contains one of the largest known nesting populations of green turtles in the Celebes Sea so divers and snorkelers can encounter lots of turtles during your trip here.

The Island is surrounded by a shallow lagoon which means most of the dives here are shallow (5-20m) and the manta rays are usual seen feeding for plankton which happens in shallow water. The cleaning stations are connected by a sandy channel, so our dives usually take place between these areas, either swimming or drifting between them. Correct manta protocol is observed on all dives which includes not entering cleaning stations and never chasing or touching the mantas.

Our guests usually even see the manta rays while having a coffee on the boat during the surface interval - Coffee breaks don't get much better! You can jump in for a snorkel to watch them feeding or cleaning at some of the shallower cleaning stations. Don't forget to go an say hi to the juvenile black tip reef sharks on your surface interval too!

If we happen not to see mantas on any of the dives the reefs are absolutely beautiful, and you'll be entertained by turtles, leopard sharks, schooling fusiliers and trevally!

This area is great for divers of all qualifications and also great for snorkelers. To guarantee* going to Sangalaki Island you will need to sign up for a minimum 3 day dive package. Find out about our great dive packages

(*) Factors out with the company control such as bad weather, permission from park authorities, mechanical issues etc excluded.

Manta Parade at Sangalaki Island

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